Thursday, July 25, 2013

Black Hair @ Work

Apparently my hair concerns in a previous post are common. To catch you up, I didn't want to go from long kinky twists @ my internship to my shorter braidouts/twistouts. I'm not ashamed of my hair. I love my hair. In fact, I see it as an accessory. But, I just hate all the questions from co-workers about my hair! Here's what I wish I could say:

1. Did you do "something different" to your hair? ...*roll eyes and ignore the question*
2. Why did you cut your hair? I didn't cut it. It actually grew!
3. What happened to your hair? What happened to your face *as I proceed to slap it*

Two friends of mine are at opposite ends of the spectrum. One, if she doesn't finish putting in her havana twists, will finish the edges and bun it for the rest of the week or until she has time. The other, took her senegalese twists out, showed her short permed hair, and is about to get a long weave. But I already have people at work asking me why she "cut" her hair. Even if she did cut her hair, why would I know?! Le sigh.

Sometimes I wish all cultures could tell when braids/twists are using "external" hair. Or at least let them know it's not okay to ask such stupid questions. It's quite annoying answering these questions every time you see someone else in the hallway.

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