Sunday, June 16, 2013

Giving Up!

Remember when I said I'd do protective styles for a year? Well, I'm not even 3 months in and I'm giving up! I have realized that I am not disciplined enough to do so. I've come to the conclusion that when I have protective styles, I do not take care of my hair, leaving nasty product build up. This defeats my purpose of protective styles. While it is low-manipulation, my hair is not being nourished. In fact, the product buildup due to the protective style is stunting my growth. However I have 2 main concerns going forward -  California and co-workers:

  1. California: Surprise! I moved to California to work for the summer where it is super dry. This means I would have to moisturize/wet my hair a few times per week. Being that a twistout 1 day can look nice and the other day leave you looking not-so-nice, manipulating my hair so much without a guaranteed good outcome concerns me. Plus I barely get up in time to get to work as it is. Imagine adding hair styling to my morning routine!
  2. Co-workers: While I typically don't mind changing lengths quite often @ school, it's very different in the work environment where people may not recognize you from day to day depending on how dramatic the change. And then there's the questions. I can't education everyone  I see on the flexibility of black hair and the concept of adding extensions. It's quite exhausting. Therefore I think for now, I'll just co-wash my hair every other day and leave it in a bun, adding recycled kinky twist hair for a low or medium bun. I may just buy a u-shaped wig that would allow me to still wash my scalp/co-wash, or put in a weave for a few weeks until I braid up for the Essence festival
Would anyone recommend -
  1. A realistic-looking u-shaped wig
  2. Affordable tracks that aren't super shiny, don't shed much, and doesn't look stiff after applying heat?
  3. Any other styles to try?

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