Friday, June 28, 2013

Twistouts and Braidouts: REMIXED!

'Twistouts match more of my natural curl pattern.' 'Braidouts result in less shrinkage.' Braidouts give me more single-strand knots.' And on goes the battle between the twistout and the braidout. But who says it has to be a competition? Why can't twisouts and braidouts co-exist...on the same head?

Simply put, they can...

2 rules. Places where your hair is very long and the rest of your hair isn't? Do a twistout. All other place where you want the length to be a little longer? Do a bristout. No, that wasn't a spelling mistake. Start by doing a braid, and 3/4 down the braid, finish with a twistout. It looks a little something like this:

For me, I brist in the front and twist in the back. After I take out my brists/twists, it looks pretty scalpy for my likings. So I whip my hair back and forth (Willow!), from side to side. Then I turn the shower on, let the bathroom steam for a few, and do the same for about 20 seconds in the steam of the bathroom. ...Don't forget to turn the shower off, my friends. Final result?

It'll separate throughout the day and be a big floppy heap of hair by happy hour!
Edit: day 2 hair

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