Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hair Talk | Jan 27

Sunday: in the wee hours of the morning I LOC'd my hair with some water, JBCO+vitamin E mixture + Jane Carter Moisture and Shine then twisted into ~10 twists and bantu knotted each group of 3-4 twists
Sunday's bantu knot-out

Monday: didn't like the next-day hair so I co-washed + created an impromptu braided up-do for dinner with friends

Friday's blended "hair hat"
Tuesday: took out the braids but my ends looked dry so I ended up creating another random PS, this time pulled back into a bun

Wednesday: kept Tuesday's PS, spritzed with JBCO+shea butter oil+Carrot/Aloe Vera oil

Thursday: took out Tuesday's PS and decided to wear a hair hat

Friday: My roots and the hat didn't match so I spritzed my hair with water and twisted a 1 in front row into individual twists using Design Essentials oil (for sheen), halfway untwisted these twists so it would match the "hat"

Tuesday's + Wednesday's protective style
Saturday: Went to a meetup  where I learned to part my hair and make hair products which caused me to suddenly remember I hadn't washed my hair in a while. So I washed with my dermatologist-recommended shampoo, deep conditioned with Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner, and sprayed with the leave-in I made earlier @ the meetup (see deets in future post). Then braided my hair in 4 horizontal rows, put on my hair hat (above) and went out! [side note: when wearing such "hats" I keep my satin bonnet on underneath to protect against harsh weather instead of a wig cap which makes my scalp itch]