Saturday, January 26, 2013

Thanking the Academy: Liebster

I was nominated by Kendra aka Special K @ for Liebster Award! Thanks so much! So for the Liebster Award I have to:
[one] Post 11 random things about myself (optional).
[two] Answer 11 questions that the tagger set for me.
[three] Choose 11 bloggers to give the Liebster Award.
[four] Create 11 questions for the bloggers I have tagged with the award to answer.

Random Facts: 
[one] I love Dan Brown books [two] I don't know how to stop or turn when doing any kind of skating [three] I'm a Christian [four] I have always liked basketball better than football [five] I'm a Dance Central 3 addict [six] I have no hair regimen [seven] I've lived in Delicias (Madrid) for a month [eight] I like to do put things together and I actually read the instructions [nine] when I get a new gadget, I never read the instructions [ten] surprise! I was a computer science major in undergrad :)

Kendra's Questions
[one] Comedy or romantic movies? Comedy for sure!
[two] Straight or curly hair? Curly
[three] How long have you been on your HHJ? 5 years
[four] Describe your HJ in one word? Random
[five]  Flat or heels? Flats!
[six] What is the last book you read? The Complete Series of Sherlock Holmes
[seven] What was the last thing you ate? A random combo from Wegman's hot bar - rice, flank steak, + general Tso's chicken
[eight] Your starting length when beginning your hair journey? Not too sure, maybe 5 inches?
[nine]  Braid out or Bantu Knot? Braid out. My Bantu knots SUCK
[ten] Buns or low manipulation hairstyles? mmmm hard one, buns?
[eleven] Most beneficial piece of advice you've learned since beginning your Hair Journey? Learn the science of your hair and why products work and don't work

[one] Brianna @ 
[two] Michelle @
[three] Funbi @
[four] Patrice @
[five] Tia Shauntee @
[six] Jennifer @
[seven] Jackie @
[eight] Crystal @
[nine] Keeta Ray @
[ten] Vivi @
[eleven] Destinee @ 

Questions for my nominees:
[one] What's your favorite book of all time?
[two] What's your favorite exercise activity?
[three] What store do you buy most of your clothes from?
[four] Can you sew?
[five] What is your ultimate dream job?
[six] In the winter do you prefer weave, braids or your hair?
[seven] In the summer do you prefer weave, braids or your hair?
[eight] What country have you always wanted to travel to?
[nine] CNN, ESPN, or MTV?
[ten] Country, Pop, or Hip Hop?
[eleven] Doing your own hair or going to the salon?


  1. My pleasure! I like basketball more than football too!!=)

  2. THANK YOU Robbi for the award! It's really an honor.

    Blessings :)