Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Pat Down

Yesterday when I was flying back to the east coast from California, the TSA agent had the nerve to pat down my hair! She said she needed to see "what was inside my ponytail". wtf the nerve?! This happened to me in Austin, Texas in May but never EVER in DC or Baltimore (we don't play that in the DMV). I thought this was only being done to the "ethnic" women, but she also patted down a white ladies' ponytail behind me (maybe because she saw me staring her down). 

What if I don't like your hand in my hair?? Is TSA taking this too far? Shouldn't the x-ray scan for ish in our hair also?? Am I late in noticing this new "rule" from TSA?


  1. Touching a black woman's hair? Isn't there an amendment against that?

  2. That happened to me in Minnesota... I also apparently had metal in my hip (the scanner incorrectly placed the grommets on my jeans). I would think the scanner would find something in your hair, that's way less dense than skin and body fat! absolutely ridiculous.

  3. Right! There SHOULD be an amendment. I'm going to write to my representatives! lol

    @Whitney - next time I'm going to refuse. saying the scanner should've picked it up.. let's see what secret room they take me into

  4. I was once held with my toddler because his juice boxes were suspected to be explosive. TSA sucks and I would argue that they are NOT making us safer just more pissed off.

  5. @Jen right! these "rules" are getting out of control

  6. wow thats crazy! Such ignorant white people I am telling you!

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