Monday, September 19, 2011

YouTube is Expensive!

I'm sure some of you out there can attest to this - watching YouTube videos is expensive!

You watch 1 video and the natural chica is using a new product. You watch a product review and see what a great job it does on hair. Then at the end of the video, the chica says how cheap it is and where she found it...which of course makes you want to purchase it.

So..needless to say, I've decided to try out some new products. Just ordered them from Amazon/eBay..still have to pick some up from target/CVS but here's the list so far:

shampoo: creme of nature sunflower and coconut detangling shampoo
conditioner: garnier fructis triple nutrition conditioner
leave-in conditioner: mixed chicks leave-in
deep conditioner: miss jessie's super sweetback treatment
henna: jamila (w/vatika oil)
somethin special: aphogee 2 minute reconstructor

ladies - if you've used any of the above, do they get a thumbs up or thumbs down from you?


  1. I have used the garnier fructis triple nutrition conditioner and mixed chicks leave-in. I liked them, but since I have read Teri LaFlesh's book "Curly Like Me" I have greatly reduced my product junkie ways. I now just basically use a shampoo and conditioner. Things are easier for me now. I hope things work out for you.