Friday, September 9, 2011


(2 posts in one day! I must be sick! But..)

I've had something on my mind. While my last post may reveal a tiny desire to perm my hair, I find myself getting angry when other naturals get their hair permed! I know most of you have heard about the perm comments from Oprah's stylist BUT I recently watched a re-run of What Not to Wear. A woman was natural for 5 years and hair stylist Nick Arrojo revealed to the world that he had permed her hair the night before.

5 years of hard work down the drain! And it was done to make his job easier. Frankly if you don't know how to style natural hair, how can you call yourself a hair stylist!?

ah well. America.

p.s. maybe I continue to stay natural because I've invested too much time into my hair..or maybe I'm just having a bad day


  1. There will be good and bad days. Great posts. I'm sure ill have similar feelings when I'm fully natural.

  2. Being natural can be hard! Just like everything else in the world some days are great, some are forgettable, and some are bad. Love your posts!