Friday, September 9, 2011

Forbidden Thoughts

Let me start off by saying, I'm sure other ladies have these thoughts as well but may be too afraid to voice them over the internet.

SO recently I've started grad school and got a teaching job and I want to easily style my hair in the morning. Currently I have kinky twists in but those will only last a month. Once October starts, I know I'm going to wake up wishing -
I wish I had type 3 hair
Now I know that statement is quite controversial. But honestly 1 reason I started going natural was to have my hair like Janet Jackson's on the Velvet Rope album. I wish someone had told me that everyone has different hair textures in the beginning. I think it'd be much easier to comb through my hair and wouldn't have to go through the trouble of styling it 1ce every few days.

In my mind I keep saying, well if my hair gets longer I can just pull it into a bun..but it has to get a LOT longer for me to do what I want with it and I'm just not that patient.

Times like this I consider getting perms.
p.s. for anyone not extremely angered by this post, is there a way (other than a texturizer or perm) to get type 4b hair to type 3b??


  1. Its your hair, you have to deal with it, so don't worry about what others might think if you decide to do it. However, you could consider getting straight weaves sewn on top of your hair. This might fight your urge to perm.
    Oh yea as I was browsing blogs, I read a post where someone was inquiring about 'natural straightener'. I'm sure it has some form of chemical in it, but you can do some research if youre interested.

    Gd luck,

    Krys :)

  2. The thing is I don't worry about what others think, I just want to be able to do it myself and I don't want it to be such a hassle. Sectioning hair to wash and comb and then to twist for something that only lasts a few days isn't fun.

    And I've worn wigs and sew-ins but then there's always limitations which is why I want it to be my hair.

    But I'll probably stay natural. Ironically it's the easiest way.

  3. When I was transitioning I used curl formers and got a very pretty spiral curl that I liked. I know that naturals use curl formers because I bought them after watching Youtube videos. At my school web page is a picture of me and my son two days after putting the curl formers in my hair.

  4. I think I will try curlformers. As soon as I take my twists out, I will definitely find a Sally's. p.s. I like the curl pattern they have your hair!

    lol i have 4z hair!!
    Sometimes i want a looser curl pattern because my shrinkage would be less and the length of my hair growth would be way more visible!! like.. i just want my longer hair and my hair will be the same length straightened as someone with a looser curl pattern but you would never know!!
    I dont really want to change it all the time though because sometimes i really like my thickness
    but let me tell you the other day i was soooo close to being bald or getting the creamy crack because its SO HARD TO COME SOMETIMES and i was having moisture issues

    but personally i encourage you to go chemical free.. honestly i hear the more you straighten it the looser your culr might end up but only by a little.. at least thts wht happened to my friend..
    as for me im a weave fanatic so ill be wearing alot of protective styles, like i have in now until im better with my hair and its an easier length

    long comment sorry! =]

  6. yay! I'm glad someone agrees! As of now, I only straighten may hair maybe 3 times a year. But I also hear that henna loosens your curl pattern