Thursday, January 3, 2013

Trends I Can't Get With

The following is a list of trends where I like the idea of them, but just can't get with them myself

Lost (the TV show): I tried watching from the beginning but I found myself being very lost

Fringe: The strings get in the way of everyone seeing your lovely purse! I just don't understand.

Turbans: While they may look nice on some people, they seem to make me look like an alien.

Magnetic Nails: Okay, I must admit, I've never wanted to try this trend. Were they trying to make the new crackle?

Uggs: They look cute and oh-so-warm, but for $200+ bucks, I can wear $50 boots and some warm socks!

Pre-pooing: For those unfamiliar with this process, pre-pooing is when you apply conditioner to your hair before shampooing to add moisture before washing. Supposedly shampoo strips your hair which is how it gets so squeaky clean. But this is just feels like an extra step and I'm lazy.

Invisible Parts: For ladies wearing weaves and want a more realistic part in their hair, they go for the invisible part (where you can't see the track lines). But so much glue on your hair? Ugh

Weave Installs: It looks nice but paying hundreds of dollars for the hair and then hundreds more to install is not for the graduate student budget


  1. Good post! I'm with you on Uggs, too expensive.

  2. Weaves, wigs and prepooing are so not for me. I hate Uggs because they look UGLY! I love boots, but those Ugs are not for me.

  3. I can't with sneaker wedges, invisible parts and UGGs. Nah.

    But you've sent a dagger to my heart with your "Lost" comment. I am a Lostie for life. I LOVE(d) that show. I miss it everyday. Mind you, I have the DVDs but it's not the same as eagerly waiting for it to come on every week.