Thursday, October 18, 2012

Meetup Montage: What type of meetup goer are you?

Tonight I attended the Natural Beauties Monthly Meet and Greet at my all-time favorite place (Panera!) It was put on by The (DMV) Natural Beauties Group. I met a lot of great ladies and was glad it was informal. Not the typical - let's go around the room and share our hair journey. I've began to notice that certain personalities/characters arise at each meetup. 

  • One, of course, is the leader, the person who organized the event. 
  • Two is the stylist. There may be more than one but they're always there to give helpful tips. 
  • Three is the newbie natural who has tons of questions and keeps the conversation going. 
  • Four is the seasoned professional who has tried it ALL and rarely buys products (she might even make them). 
  • Five is the product junkie. Gotta love em! They usually come with tons for products they don't want anymore and for free (really gotta love em)
  • And last but least, there are "the others". 
Which meetup goer are you?


  1. I've never gone to a meet up so I wouldn't know where I fit in.

  2. You should go to one! I'm also sort of exaggerating with this post. Not everyone fits a mold!