Sunday, September 23, 2012

True Story

My freshly washed hair

Remember back in the early 00's when people used to say true story? And now it's just shortened to true? (Sometimes shortened even more to 'tru'?) Well I do, and I'd love to share a true story.

Believe it or not, I did NO research when deciding to go natural. I didn't ponder the decision for months nor was I into the blogging culture at the time. I literally was too cheap to continue getting perms every 6 weeks and having everyone burn my scalp. My hair was so thick that hairdressers always wanted to leave the perm on for longer than necessary in order to get my hair to be "more manageable". Meh. Why not just deal with the hair that came out of my head? If God made it for me, it can't be that bad.

Turns out it isn't! Even if I do (and I DO!) have a bad hair day, I still wouldn't go back to that creamy crack. Permed hair (on my head) is sooo boring to me now. There's only but so much you can do with it. Now I know some people make this argument for natural hair but if you think about it, your hair can be bone straight one day and with a spritz of water can curl back up. It's amazing! Imagine the possibilities.


  1. Though this post is over a year old, I couldn't agree with it more. After almost thirty years of relaxing my own hair, I am now natural. I believe a woman has the right to decide how her hair should be cared for but, like you, I also find relaxed hair "boring." It seems so limp and lifeless to me now (it is hard to believe that I wore my hair this way for so long) but I respect a woman's right to wear her hair as she pleases. For me, I prefer my hair without chemicals. Nice post!

    1. Thanks! Be sure to follow the new blog @ All posts from here are transferred there.