Saturday, September 1, 2012

Response to Relaxed

I recently read an article where a woman was claiming that natural hair is not the only way to have healthy hair. While I agree with this, I am strongly against those who say - I won't look right with natural hair. This is where I get angry. Your natural hair is what God gave you. Of course you will look fine with your natural hair. Now for those who don't think they can maintain it, that's another story. Natural hair does take some work but once you find a way to work with it, I'm sure you'll love it.


  1. There are some naturals who go too hard when it comes to others who choose to relax and vice versa. I'm not against relaxers, I just don't want to relax my hair right now. I received some damage from them partially as a result of my own negligence and because I do believe that my skin is responding differently as I've gotten older. I won't say I'll never relax again but I'm cool with my natural hair right now.

    I also have been able to achieve healthy relaxed hair and have gotten the stupid comment that I wouldn't look right with natural hair or that I'd look ugly. Like you, those are the comments that really bug me.

    Some say that it's just hair but to me it isn't just hair when you really look at it. Hair is a big part of our culture or anyone's culture, I believe. It's more of a case of letting people do what the hell they want and leaving them alone.

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