Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Tea Tree Blues

Recently my scalp was itching just a tad, so I decide to try something I've heard about on these natural hair blogs - apply tea tree oil. The next thing I know (3 hours later), I can't stay asleep because my scalp is on fire. So, I decide to apply more tea tree oil. After all, it's supposed to help with itchy scalp, right? 2 hours later with no sleep, I decide to search online for what I was doing wrong. I thought I had an allergic reaction.

Well, it turns out you're supposed to dilute tea tree oil with some other type of oil before applying it. If not, you'll get all sorts of burns and maybe bumps... I then proceed to rush to the bathroom and apply Shea butter, the miracle butter as I like to call it. My scalp is still burning but I'll give it a couple of hours. Maybe by the time I get on this flight at 630, it would have stopped.

By the way, next time you natural folk list hair problems and their oil remedies, don't just list, please note when I have to dilute. It'd be much appreciated!

-a frustrated naturalista writing at 3:43 a.m,


  1. Aww glad you realised! Rinsing with apple cider vinegar mixed with water helps!

  2. Haha yeah, I ended up doing that. Now I think I like using that rinse in general! How do you use ACV Bonnie?