Sunday, April 14, 2013


After 1 year (April 2012-April 2013) of not applying heat to my hair, I can say that I was able to maintain length, but not grow it. Therefore, this next year's theme will be protective styling. While I did enjoy wearing my hair straight, I would like to see how much I can grow over the next 12 months.


Oh! And that whole post-my-regimen-each-week thing was too much work for me. I realized it wasn't much of a regimen and I was just washing/co-washing/deep conditioning whenever I remembered to. But now I will follow a more strict regimen with:

  • washing once a week, alternating between a moisturizing shampoo and a protein shampoo
  • deep conditioning every 2 weeks with the protein shampoo
  • LOCing ends Tuesdays and Fridays
  • Co-washing every other Thursday
HOWEVER I'm already confused on how to do the washing with Marley twists. I was going to try a dry shampoo to keep them looking fresh but where will that protein come from? Help?


  1. I haven't the slightess idea on how to maintain Marley twist. Perhaps you could ask Alex at The Good Hair Blog. I've seen her do protective styling with weave installs, so she might know.