Sunday, December 30, 2012

Winter "Hair Hats"

Most people associate winter accessories with scarves, gloves and hats. But I don't mean hats in the normal sense. For those looking towards protective styles, I'm referring to hair hats. You can keep your hair in two stand twists or flat twists underneath, allowing you to take the hat off and properly cleanse and moisturize your hair weekly. They don't have to look tacky where people can see the tracks or glue in your "invisible" part, or see the lace in your lace front. They can look realistic! See below for some hats I've made or bought.

You can even make your own. Materials?
1 wig cap, 1 shower cap, hair glue or a glue gun*, scissors, flat-ironable (not a word) tracks, a styrofoam wig head, wig clips, blow dryer

  1. Place the shower cap on your head to prevent glue from dripping onto your real hair
  2. Place the wig cap on your head. This will serve as the base for your hair hat.
  3. Cut the tracks for an appropriate length for the first row of hair, starting at the back. 
  4. Glue the tracks row by row, starting at the back and moving to the front. Note - the front can be tricky. Hopefully your hair comes with a closure. I've heard of closures with realistic-looking parts which would be perfect if you don't want bangs, your hair out in the front, or even worse -your tracks to show. If you can't find a closure, I would suggest you make your own and then you could make cute bangs at the front!
  5. When you're done gluing, cut the hair how you want, making sure the cut isn't too blunt. Make mistakes! No one's hair is cut in a perfectly straight line!
  6. In order for the glue to dry properly on the "hat", take it off and place it on a styrofoam wig head. Blow dry each row so it will dry faster. 
  7. Wait about an hour to be absolutely sure everything is dry and glue the wig clips to the inside of the wig cap, both the front and back. Blow dry again and wait 30 minutes. 
This may seem labor intensive. But I promise it's easy and let's you customize your hair exactly how you want! Color, length, thickness, everything!

*A friend mentioned using a glue gun to glue the hair and said it can be stronger than standard hair glue.

p.s. hair hats can sometimes be referred to as wigs :)

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