Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hair from the Heart of ... Whitney!

This post begins my featured post series where I'll have a guest blogger talk about a hair topic of their choice. Today we have Ms. Whitney from AlumniRow give an easy tutorial of how to change up the style of your braids. Take it away Whitney!
2 months ago I decided that I would introduce braids into my transition line up.
Original braids
A better view of the original ends

About a month into my braids I found myself getting tired of them, so this is what I did to freshen them up.
Step 1: Boil water
Step 2: Put flexi rods on ends of hair
Step 3: Dip hair in boiling water, dry with a towel, take flexis out.
Voila! Finished product


+ be extra careful not to burn yourself
+ where long clothes to prevent burning

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