Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fashion Trucks

It's something like a food truck, but they call it a fashion truck. Hop into the back of truck and find the most stylish threads during your lunch break! It's your own boutique on wheels.

Cynthia Rowley's truck (pictured left) has hardwood floors, a fitting room and her entire collection stocked for you. Granted this is in LA but I see no reason why she couldn't drive to DC! (hehe) She'd even let you email the truck to request a curbside visit. Talk about customer service.

Companies are following suit. Skechers implemented a similar idea to promote their shape-ups. And Sanrio plans to offer 50 special edition Hello Kitty products in their fashion trucks.

There's also Le Fashion Truck, Green Street Vault, and The Fashion Truck.

These trucks aren't limited to just food and fashion. There are mobile barbershops, gyms and gourmet dog treat.  What if there was a truck dedicated to relaxed or natural hair products and styling? Would you be a customer?


  1. #genius
    o my gosh.
    makes me want to create something like it..
    it must be so cheap

  2. I know right! I haven't been able to find out anything about the prices yet so maybe it's very expensive lol

  3. if she came to DC that would be great!! lol

  4. That's insane! lol
    awesome idea, I would definitely stop by the natural hair truck or even makeup one! :)

  5. In my neck of the woods food trucks just became legal and now people flock downtown to stand in line for street food. I will say that last summer I stood in line for the gyro I had ever had. So, why not fashion.

  6. Exactly. Plus everyone loves an impromptu makeover/needs random bursts of retail therapy!