Monday, February 6, 2012

Indigo Henna

I'm sure many people think that henna can only dye hair a reddish color. Actually there exists indigo henna. If you recall, indigo is used to dye jeans blue. It's a natural way to also color hair black. When mixing the indigo henna with water, it forms a blue-ish color. But fear not, your hair won't turn out blue (unless your hair is white). So if you want the benefits of standard henna without the reddish color, try indigo henna!

However be careful, if you buy a product listed as "black henna" which, when mixed with water, turns blackish/brownish, this is not indigo henna. Be on the lookout for dark blue liquid mixtures only!

As soon as I take my hair out of kinky twists, I plan to try it out!

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