Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Geek Chic

Having a background in computer science brings out the inner geek in me. So this post is dedicated to natural hair and phone apps.

Current apps include:

  1. Natural Hair by App-ology Technologies (for Android)
  2. Natural Hair Care - Tips & Remedies (for Apple)
  3. Natural Noir LCD - Hair, Fashion (for Android)
  4. NaturallyME - (for Apple)
  5. CurlyNikki.com's Forum (for Android and Apple)
Features include forums where users discuss topics of hair care products and issues. Tips and tricks are shared as well as how-to advice. The Noir app provides links to other natural hair care blogs. NaturallyME shows hairstyles and locations for black beauty supply stores. 

While I have not tried the Apple apps (team Android!!), many of them seem to contain the same information you can find on a computer. So what are some mobile-specific features that currently exist in these applications or should exist?
  • beauty supply store locations - I find this very important living downtown Baltimore..there are NONE that are walk-able near my apartment; but I did just find out that OyinHandmade is a short drive!
  • natural hair stylists - while I have never been to one, I think it would be beneficial to include information on how to find them; it'd be even better if I could even schedule an appointment on my phone!
  • curly girl locations - while many people are sensitive about their privacy, I think the natural hair community is quite friendly & if enough people use the app, we should be able to see who lives near us...who knows, maybe it'd be easier to organize product swaps or meet-ups
  • meetup locations - speaking of meet-ups, on this same map, we should be able to see locations and dates of upcoming meet-ups in the area (and be able to create one if there is none)
  • ingredient DON'Ts - even more importantly in the grocery/beauty supply store, how are we ever to remember all the ingredients that are bad for out type of hair? I would want to select my hair type and my phone would list all the ingredients I should stay away from in my shampoos/conditioners... if only
What do you think? Is there a benefit to having mobile apps for hair care?

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