Friday, January 13, 2012

ABG? Get Hip

See ABG poppin up on your timeline? No clue what it means? It's Awkward Black Girl of course! Now while you may think that is referring to me (because I am THE ultimate creator of awkward moments), it's actually a video series available on YouTube. (all episodes HERE)

Not sure if you want to watch? Here's a quick summary of the funniest characters
  • J - main character w/natural hair and creator of many awkward moments
  • Cece - J's best friend, an Indian chick who "raps"
  • Nina - one of Spike Lee's Gamma Ray's and gives J a VERY hard time
  • A - J's geekiest co-worker; they just happened to have a drunk hookup at an office party
  • Darius - never talks above a whisper but somehow Fred understands every word he says

....etc. There's a few more but those are the funniest. So just check it out

p.s. I hear they're tryna make ABG into a 30 min. cable series...let's hope it doesn't get wack like The Game

p.p.s. The cast of ABG is supposedly coming to UMD (College Park) on February 23rd so watch out!


  1. I love this series, so hilarious!

  2. If the cast of ABG comes to College Park, we should go! I love the series.

    -Amber J.