Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bantu Knot-Out Fail

So I tried my hand at Bantu knots yesterday. I 2-strand twisted on dry hair* and then knotted. To moisturize and whatnot I used:

1. Cantu Shea Butter on the ends
2. MYHoneyChild Hair Humectants, it softens my hair
3. Palmer's Coconout Oil Replenishing Hair Milk
4. Jane Carter Natural Hold Spray Gel (and I have no clue what a natural hold GEL is because
my hair has no natural hold..but okay)

Left them in my hair overnight. Got compliments from my roommate. But today when I took them

I guess that spray hold gel held a little TOO well because my curls don't bounce :(
See? Stiff! But I did manage to try an updo.

Ah well. I know what NOT to include in the pre-knot process next time. Thoughts? Has anyone had success on bantu knots?

*I decided to try it on dry hair because I usually have UBER shrinkage and did not want that.


  1. Awww, good try! Yes, I've done my bantu knots on damp hair. I use leave in conditioner and Shea Butter mixed with Olive Oil. I two strand twisted my hair and then rolled the twists down into bantu knots. They came out fine, and I didn't have too much shrinkage.

  2. It was not a bad result at all. I actually think the one thing that I would say is that perhaps you should have made more knots. I find smaller sections tend to give a tighter curl with more bounce (but overall hair length will be shorter I would give it a try with 15 or more sections and preselect where you want your front part to be.

    I definitely think bantu knots work best on hair with some water. It does not have to be wet but to just mist each section and smooth is fine.

    I tend not to use a lot of product because in order to be successful the hair has to be dry and sometimes if you use oil, gel and water then do the knot, the hair will still be wet in the morning.

  3. Yea I started to notice when I dampened my hair the next day, that it started to get fluffier. I'll try it on damp hair next time. Thanks ladies!