Saturday, October 15, 2011

Product of Products

SO I must first state that the right hair products make a world of difference! My hair is easier to comb through and my curls are oh-so-defined. I feel like restarting this Protective Style Challenge because I've been doing it wrong for about 2 months! Ah wells.. check the pic.

All products are listed in a previous post. So first I used the creme of nature shampoo followed by garnier conditioner and the mixed chicks

leave-in. This combo was okay but when I switched out the garnier for the aphogee reconstructor, I was in LOVE.
oh yea, and I keep trimming my split ends but now the back of my hair is about 2 inches longer than the rest. ANd tips on how to make the front/middle of my hair catch up to the back, length-wise? Because cutting it seems like the opposite of what I want to happen..just sayin.

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